Welcome to gusto & relish

gusto & relish is an established traiteur/delicatessen known for our own-cooked food, where our chefs prepare a range of dishes and accompaniments for you to take home.  Our big central table is spread with our daily changing lunch choices as well as cakes, sweets and desserts.   

In addition to our home-made quiche, soup, bruschetta, lunchbox and imaginative salads, we also make our own punchy dips and sauces – Barbeque, Tomato Ketchup and Mustard honey and dill. And, when fruits and vegetables are in season, the preserving pans come out; you can always tell when we’re jamming, the aroma of simmering produce wafts through the shop from the back kitchen.

We always have a selection of  main courses too – comforting potato-topped pies, cottage and fish pies, fishcakes, stews, lasagne, sausages in Guinness with onion gravy, chorizo burgers and many more.   

Along with our traiteur food, we stock a range of store cupboard essentials and we’re just as passionate about the quality and provenance of those products as we are about the kitchen produce we cook with.

You’ll find charcuterie – excellent picnic food – cheese from small regional producers, excellent smoked salmon (noticeably different from the mass produced pre-packs) pasta, oils, vinegars and wine to pair with our own cooked food and particularly our cheese.  

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